I am who I am

My name is Ildikó Ferenc. I am a heavenly mediator, a 'medium', a psy-surgeon and a natural therapist. My task in this world is to create harmony and peace in people's hearts so that, having rid themselves of physical, psychic and spiritual 'troubles', they can become aware of themselves and lead a healthy and balanced life.

About me

I was born to the earthly world to create peace and harmony in people's hearts and to create the opportunity for their getting to know themselves and a world in which so much love exists as in our hearts . I have come down as an emissary of such a heavenly world in which the opportunity has been created for us to find ourselves at last and get to know the source of our deepest earthly existence . I got qualified as a teacher and it has been a long way for me to be able to perceive the world around us so deeply and strongly . I have climbed higher and higher in the ranks of heavenly knowledge so that I complete all that I have been born for . It was not me that chose my way but I have been chosen by the heavenly world for this task . I was taught by Jesus to perceive deeper and deeper all that is not visible to the eye . My perception of energies has been improved by Him and I was also taught by many archangels so that I could pass on the messages of the heavenly world well-prepared . Not only from the heaven, but also from the intermediate sphere there are many beside me who help me perceive their energies and perceive and channel the enrgies of passed away spirits . They teach me with love and take me along my way with even more love since it is necessary for more and more people to perceive what is not visible to our eyes and hear what is not audible to our ears . Thery visited me several times in my childhood and I have perceived the strength and energy in me in which it was not me that was the determining factor but the mission, it was no me that wanted to develop ever strongly,it was after all, all inevitable and unavoidable . First I heard and sensed them but it was Jesus that showed me the depth of the spiritual world, and all that people are afraid of was so natural to me as a child. I like them; I like all the spiritual beings that have left our earthly world and the heavenly masters and all the out-of-this-world beings that are beside me and beside us so that we could fulfil ourselves with their help. Every person is born down here in love and in love they leave for the heavenly world whose messages I pass on day after day thereby trying to change people's way of thinking . Fulfilment, experience and perception is what I am here for and inner harmony, peace,courage,strength, love, honour, purity and honesty is what I am handing over to You now and until the world ends.. I am complying with the request of the heavenly world so that,by your expeiencing your pure and selves, an aspiration for love be started in the earthly world, and a desire, having seen your lives purely , to think about whether it is really the most imprortant thing that you have lived so far or there is something that fills you with such deep emotions and starts such a deep love in you that could become part of your life from now on. This is my task;by experiencing the love of the heavenly world, to pass on to You all that can make your lives better and cant start purification in you in the hope of a more beautiful live .


Here you can learn about the healing processes by which a positive change is started in your life on the bodily, physical and spiritual levels. I am handing over a healthy, balanced and happy life to you, which may become yours again. Apart from healing with the pure energies of the universe and heavenly love energies, I also relay heavenly messages. Thereby I can make your life complete and, while giving you energy, I am also cleansing the deepest parts of your soul. Consequently, acting on heavenly guidance, you will receive not only energy but also unresolved tasks, deeply suppressed childhood or foetal traumas or feelings, which have been brought forward into your current life from your former lives, and which may be the cause of severe illnesses, shall be cleansed from you. By transferring energy even down to the level of cells if necessary, and by psychic surgery, I am creating the physical conditions in you that are required for a healthy life, and by clearing away malformations that have been generated and stored in your body in the course of years, I restore your body to health.

Diseases that can be treated

-Autoimmune diseases
-Alternative treatment of tumors
-Alternative treatment of inflammatory diseases
-Treatment of symptoms and diseases caused by hormonal disorders
-Chronic headache, alternative treatment for migraine
-Treatment of cardiovascular problems
-Alternative treatment for panic disorder
-Treatment of mental illness
-Alternative treatment for depression
-Alternative treatment for phobias
-Treatment of menstrual complaints and bleeding
-Infertility, treatment of gynecological problems
-Alternative treatment for mental illness
-Postoperative treatments for faster recovery

The methos I use are : Angel Therapy , Angel communication Spiritual purification  Spirit and energy medicine


Our life is based on the trinity of the body, the soul and the spirit. Without the relationship and harmony between these three, we cannot exist in balance with ourselves, neither can we find our place in the world.Without this harmony you find that you do live your life, but you are not an active participant in the events. Whatever happens to you is dwarfed by the events happening to the world and the people around you. You would like but unable to change. You would like but cannot be happy and balanced. You would like to be loved by people and your decisions to be accepted by people but you keep going up against walls. "What could the trouble be?" you ask yourself. What are you doing in the wrong way? Nothing. You are simply not walking your own way or living your own life.

I help you, because I can feel your soul, and know how many vicissitudes it faced in your former lives because of the pains you have suffered. And I recall the most brilliant beauty of your soul to make it strong, pure and radiant again.


You spirit is coming down to this physical world to develop. The scene of our real life is on spiritual levels.

The spirit is able to feel, see and hear, often things that it should not experience. Why do you know about things happening in places where you have never been? What makes you remember events so many years back where you could not even be present? Because there is a part of you standing behind your consciousness that is intangible, invisible and still directs your life. It is the one that inspires or restrains you, that gives or takes away, that feels and perceives, that is you. It is directing much of your thinking and trying to guide your life so that it would be the best for you; in order to learn and develop in your earthly life. Many have weird looks when I make their spirits talk, and confront them with their uttered or unuttered thoughts and miseries. You must not shut your ears to them because they are you, a part of you, and a part of your trinity that is to serve you and is living with you. Is it easy to perceive one's spirit? No, it is not. It is trying to guide your life by hunches and impulses, and let you know what it thinks would be the best for you. You either listen to these hunches or suppress them. The spirit is searching for and trying to find the way to guide you close to people that serve your improvement. It has surely occurred to you several times in your life how strange it is to meet such and such people or to repeatedly stumble into similar people and similar situations. Nothing is by chance as people often say. The spirit is trying to guide you along your life but there is a point where every sign is in vain, the spirit gets filled up and physical illnesses and symptoms appear. You must know that physical illnesses often appear on the spiritual levels years in advance. This is how the essence of psychic surgery can be explained. By cleansing away the energies and removing the burdens from the spirit also the physical body is started along the way to purification. What is more, the spirit indicates the imminence of an illness in advance. We are in an easier position if the illness appears first on the spiritual levels. Then I start cleansing the spirit (if it is a karma related illness), release the karma and charge the spirit with energy. A positive change is started in the body, the soul and the spirit already for the first time; physical strength, the level of activity and stamina improve and the patient is more balanced and relaxed. In case physical symptoms are already there, I lay special emphasis not only on healing the spirit but also on treating the body (by releasing energy blocks, treating centres). It is a longer process in which, by cleansing the spirit, not only is the body freed from symptoms but also the restoration to complete physical health is started. Often it is only one energy block that causes painful symptoms in our body. Or we can store away hardships and pains either brought forward from our previous lives or encountered in our current lives in a part of our physical body. By resolving the problem and letting the feeling go, the physical symptoms also cease to exist. Obviously, two people are needed for this process: the healer and the patient. Not the belief in the healing method or the application is of great importance, but letting go and forgiveness. Faith in ourselves that we are able to live a happy, balanced and healthy life and are able to love ourselves and others.


Angels have always existed and still exist to this day. Angels are ready to help others or even us at any time. "Ask and it shall be given you." But how and in what manner should we ask? Our divine origin allows our guardian angels, arch angels and heavenly masters to come to our aid at any place and time, we just have to learn the way. We cope with many fears day after day and forget where we have come from. We forget who has sent us down and why and who we were and with whom we were up there. You can learn how to master your own energies and utilise all the knowledge that has been living in you for millennia and recall the lives that are at your aid in doing so. Apart from this, you can get to know your guardian angels and all the heavenly energies that guide your life and have been beside you ever since. You can meet your deceased loved ones who are waiting anxiously for being able to pass on messages to you to help you improve your life. I am helping you by bring down your former masters, your friends in your former lives, and divine helpers to earthly proximity so that a change could be started in your life that makes it possible for you to live your life in a pure and honest way by finding your own self and realising all that you have been born down for. I am supported by the words of angels and archangels in my work; I am surrounded by divine teachers and ascended masters; the words of Jesus and Virgin Mary may be heard through my channelling heavenly messages.

                                                                          My spiritual masters 


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                Archangel Gabriel 

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                                       Virgin Mary

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